“World’s dumbest smuggler” not guilty.

It is extraordinary to successfully defend against a federal criminal prosecution, but the defense prevailed here.

After investigation and fact and expert testimony by Greg Walsh in US v. Carr, a federal jury in Seattle found the defendant not guilty of one charge. An appeal is pending on the remaining charge.

Here’s the misleading coverage informed by the false press release issued by ICE, in an attempt to cover up embarrassing failure to act or search, false reports, and destruction of evidence. Only the facts are wrong.

SEATTLE — A Federal Way man who contacted border agents to report that he was missing two backpacks full of cocaine has been arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

Leroy Carr, 46, called Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on August 7 to report that two backpacks he had stashed near the border containing 31 kilograms of cocaine were missing.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Emily Langlie said Carr asked the agents to put out a press release saying the drugs had been seized so that the people he worked for would not think he stole the cocaine.

“He indicated that he had been attempting to take the narcotics into Canada but had stashed them overnight,” Langlie said.

About two weeks later, a Boy Scout ranger called the Northwest Regional Drug Task Force to report finding the two backpacks full of drugs.

Carr was arrested Saturday and made his initial court appearance on Monday.

Officials said Carr had several prior run-ins with law enforcement near the border. On December 27 he was questioned at a border crossing because he was carrying thousands of dollars in cash, a global positioning system with coordinates for a known drug-smuggling trail, and night vision goggles.

He was also questioned on other occasions carrying cash and the GPS unit, and once had to be escorted back across the border when trying to cross railroad tracks near Sumas, Wash.