Criminal defense

Defense investigation is our primary focus.

We are particularly accomplished in homicide and violent and sexual felony defense, and experts in lawful and defensive violence.

Proven effectiveness in over 1000 local, state, and federal cases has made PacCon the preferred provider of the most renowned and respected criminal trial and appellate lawyers in the Northwest region and 9th US District.

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Everyone perceives and navigates reality uniquely, particularly adolescents and young adults.

Evolving science calls for consideration of maturity, development, ACEs, and multifactorial influences on judgment, perception, and decision-making. Deep mitigation investigation supports defense counsel, prosecutors, tribunals, and restorative justice alternatives.



We specialize and are qualified in violent trauma, weapons effects and ballistics, and use of force and force policies, and offer expertise in emergency medicine, forensic death investigation, eyewitness identification, and geolocation and data interpretation.
We enlist and manage experts ranging from crime reconstruction and data forensics to sound and signal enhancement and forensic accounting.


Civil legal investigation

  • Witness & missing person location
  • Service of process & subpoenae duces tecum
  • Depositions & interviews
  • Asset & principal research
  • Medical malpractice
  • Official misconduct

Safety and Security

  • Violence prevention
  • Witness protection
  • Counter-stalking
  • Custody enforcement & rescue
  • Judicial order enforcement
  • Fugitive recovery