Ted DeBray


"You handle the cases no one else will touch, and everybody gets a complete ethical defense investigation."


Home invasion robbery and Assault 1


Lenell Nussbaum

"Good work you and your staff did."

Personal restraint petition, felony murder, mitigation, State v. Le

WA Supreme Court




Ralph Anderson


"The state simply did not want to risk a trial after seeing what the defense investigation exposed."

Vehicular homicide

State v. Steim



Sheryl Pewitt

"The prosecutor read your report, and got very angry and said 'This is bullshit!'  Then he dismissed the case."

DUI and weapons violations, licensed armed professional colleague

Seattle municipal court

John Henry Browne


"Greg is the best investigator in the business."

Dozens of state and federal cases,

including seven murder cases.



Michael Haas

"Couldn't have made this case without the diligent investigation."

State v. Fager et al, marijuana grow, dismissed due to "reckless disregard for the truth."

Defense costs awarded, $20 million federal civil rights action pending.



Nancy McAllister


"Not sure what we would have done on this case without you.  I don't think they had any idea what they were up against."

Attempted murder

State v. Smith


Terrence Kellogg


"The most effective investigator in front

of a federal jury."

Multiple cases, including smuggling, conspiracy, weapons violations, racketeering, and Treasury fraud.


Rafael Gonzales


"Great work, good guy,

and very knowledgeable expert. "

Assault 1

State v. Abrams


Steve Kim


"Greg is incredible, and he knows more about

search and seizure law than I do."


Two marijuana grow op cases with civil asset forfeiture, all criminal and civil actions dismissed.


Emily Gause


"They would have gotten away with it against

any other defense investigator."


State v. Reis, marijuana grow and civil asset forfeiture, both dismissed.


Adolfo Banda Sr.

"The prosecution was afraid of your testimony."


Murder 1

State v. Bailey/Beckford, plead to manslaughter and time served.

Featured on "Cold Justice" season 3, episode 2, "Miss Congeniality,"

Emma Scanlan

Law Office of John Henry Browne


"I showed the prosecutor everything you wrote, and he just gave up."

Assault 2

State v. C.W.

Defensive use of firearm, dismissed.


Defense investigation is not the only work we do, but it is our primary focus. and we have been privileged to work with many of the best defense lawyers in the Pacific Northwest.

We are particularly appreciative when these renowned and respected defenders provide positive feedback.

Steve Fager

"We went through four lawyers, with four more representing our codefendants. But we never considered changing investigators, and all of us relied on their work. Greg's team proved the police lies and misconduct, despite threats against their lives and safety. We would not have prevailed without his integrity and the quality of his work."

OPNET Drug Task Force raid. Case dismissed.        $350k defense costs award. $20m civil rights case.

J.W., Kitsap County


"I wouldn't have my freedom if not for your perseverance. Thanks for believing in my case."


Marijuana grow, criminal case and asset forfeiture dismissed.


William Reis

"The first three lawyers didn't get to the truth. The first investigator missed it. The court of appeals didn't get to the bottom of it, and neither did the Supreme Court. But four years later, Greg Walsh did. That man can sniff out a lie across time and space. And I have my freedom and my house because of his commitment to truth and justice."

Marijuana grow, criminal and civil forfeiture cases dismissed after four years, four lawyers, and two appeals.

C.W., Seattle

"You'd think getting attacked by a 350 pound man with a bat would justify drawing a gun, and maybe an award for not shooting him. But this is Seattle, so I got charged, and he got a pass. Until my investigator got involved."

Federal agent with top secret clearance, name withheld to protect the innocent. Assault 2, case dismissed.


Cole Hatcher

"True believer, and a true friend long after my case was resolved. I don't know how I would have gotten through the case to a good resolution without Greg."

Felony assault, unfounded, negotiated resolution.

$16,000 recovery for PRA violations.

Jacob Stone


"I went through four lawyers, three appeals, and two related civil lawsuits. But I didn't give up. Everything eventually worked out the way Greg said it would. My charges were severed, and the trooper was fired. Now I'm inspired to work in criminal justice!"

Drive-by shooting, dismissed.



Few experiences are more stressful than facing undeserved arrest or prosecution, or accepting personal responsibility while at risk of disproportionate punishment. Navigating this challenging terrain, in partnership with competent counsel, requires earned client confidence and trust.