For emergencies only:



We can respond to secure potentially exculpatory evidence and to ensure the safety of counselors, clients, and witnesses.

Examples of emergencies:

Major felony just occurred, scene still secure.

Fresh defensive use of force with injury or death, scene still secure.

Threats, assault, or stalking against client, counsel, or witnesses.

Planned surrender of fugitive client.


Evidence preservation

A potential defendant involved in the fresh use of defensive violence, with or without a weapon, or an alleged violent or sexual offense, should not wash or clean anything, particularly their hands, and if possible, should not change clothing.

We recommend getting a lawyer involved immediately. The lawyer should advise the police to maintain scene security for defense investigation. We will mobilize a security detail to take over when the police are finished, and maintain access control, logs, and chain of custody.

Call us immediately in event of a potential violent felony with the scene still secure. Do not delay, as critical exculpatory evidence could be lost.