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Criminal investigator

Lawful violence expert, PI trainer & principal

Greg Walsh offers 30 years of public safety and criminal investigation experience spanning 5,000 violent emergency incident responses as a law enforcement officer, forensic and defense investigator, rescue paramedic, trauma team member, and tactical EMS/law enforcement commander.

His lethal force experience includes over 750 penetrating weapon assault cases and over 500 federal and state criminal cases as lead defense investigator.

Greg is uniquely qualified for violence cases, having served on murder cases as a rescuer, state investigator, defense investigator, witness, and juror.  He received and developed specialized training in lawful violence, applying experience from hundreds of lethal force cases. 

The dismissal or acquittal rate for his criminal defense clients asserting lawful use of force exceeds 80%.

Greg Walsh is the author of Defensive Violence: Ethics, Tactics, and the Law.

Greg is an approved CJA panel expert by the US District Court for Western Washington, and served as lead defense investigator on cases spanning Treasury fraud, organized crime, outlaw motorcycle gangs, racketeering, international drug smuggling, arson, weapons and explosives violations, and witness intimidation. 

His government and police misconduct investigations  have exposed malfeasance, evidence destruction, collusion, perjury, prosecutorial misconduct, witness tampering, fraud, and civil rights violations.

As the only WA armed private investigator dual-licensed as a paramedic, Greg is regularly in demand for violence prevention, personal protection, and counter-stalking.  

Greg remains active as a helicopter rescue and critical care paramedic and EMS instructor, and has been qualified as an expert medical witness on the kinematics of violence trauma. He served as deputy medical examiner with the NM Office of the Medical Examiner, the premier US forensic death investigation system.

Greg is available for public and private appointment on felony and violent misdemeanor cases, civil cases involving human rights violations and police and government misconduct, and violence prevention, order enforcement, and counter-stalking cases. 

Greg occasionally serves pro bono on cases involving the use of force by private citizens wrongfully accused, Heller issues, and the natural right of everyone everywhere to responsibly and effectively prepare for, and resort to, defensive violence.

WA armed private investigator,

   PI trainer, & agency principal

Lawful force and violence survival


Qualified expert witness, kinematics of

   violence trauma, NM 1st District

NM Office of the Medical Investigator

    Deputy Forensic Death Investigator

Certified, WA Criminal Justice  

   Training Commission RBLEA

United States 9th District Court

   CJA Panel defense investigator



    Institute for Justice

    Washington Association of Criminal

        Defense Lawyers

    Washington Defenders Association

    American Civil Liberties Union

    Confederated Helicopter Air

        Medical Professionals

Nationally registered and licensed

   critical care & flight paramedic

Certified provider and instructor in:

   Critical Incident Stress Management

   Advanced Cardiac Life Support

   Pediatric Advanced Life Support

   Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support

   Neonatal Resuscitation

   Difficult Airway/RSI/RSA

   NRA Advanced Personal Protection

   NRA Range Safety Officer  

PTPD Reserve Officer of the Year

Commander, SCSO Special Tactics 

   Advanced Rescue (“STAR”) Team


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